New Venerable Fra Venanzio Maria Quadri, O.S.M.

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Venerable Fra Venanzio Maria Quadri (1916 – 1937)
On Tuesday, October 27, 2015 there was an Ordinary Session of Bishops and Cardinals to study the Positio super vita et virtutibus of the Servant of God, Fra Venanzio Maria Quadri OSM (1916-1937). I telephoned the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints and spoke to its secretary, Msgr. Bartolucci. He said “How do you think it went?” I was a little unsure and said “well …” He immediately said “Very, very well! Everyone voted in his favor and many applauded. He is a wonderful person and deserves to be well known.” The success of this session is a crucial step in this process. Approval of the Positio brings the examination of our dear brother’s virtues to a successful conclusion. He now has the title of “Venerable.” All we need for beatification is a miracle. I would like to thank my predecessor, Fra Tito M. Sartori first of all. He worked hard on this case and is now happy to see the results. I would also like to thank the many people who prayed for a happy conclusion to this meeting. Now we have to publicize the life of Fra Venanzio. We could insert a brief biography in our reviews and newsletters. We can seek a miracle through his intercession. My heartfelt thanks to all.

Brief Biography
Antonio Quadri was born in Vado di Setta (Bologna Province) on
December 9, 1916. His parents were Giuseppe, a professional
tailor and Enrica Pia Castelli who wove baskets for a shop in
On October 3, 1927, Antonio entered the Servite Priory School at
Ronzano. From 1929 to 1931 he studied Italian, French, history
and geography. His spiritual director was Fra Bernardino M.
Piccinelli (whose cause for canonization is moving forward). He
learned devotion to Our Lady and a boundless admiration for St.
Therese of Lisieux who was canonized during the 1925 Holy
On September 7, 1931, Anthony and six companions were
clothed in the tunic and transferred to Reggio Emilia. He
frequented IV and V year of the Ginnasio in 1931-1932. On
August 28, 1932 – the Feast of St. Augustine – he was clothed in
the Servite habit and began his novitiate (1932-1933). At
vestition he was given a new name: Fra Venanzio. He made his
temporary profession on August 29, 1933 and with the
permission of his Master he offered himself as a “victim of
merciful love.” St. Therese of Lisieux had done the same thing.
He then moved to Bologna to study philosophy (1933-1935). On
October 3, 1935, Fra Venanzio went to Rome to begin his fouryear
study of theology. He never completed these studies but
died unexpectedly on November 2, 1937.
Fra Pietro M. Rizzi wrote an account of Fra Venanzio’s death on
November 2, 1937. He died in a room at Sant’Alessio Falconieri
College in Rome. Fra Pietro’s account is one of the most
beautiful pages in the history of Servite spirituality. Fra Pietro
describes the characteristics of Fra Venanzio’s spirituality: he
was very attached to the humanity of the Lord Jesus, he had a special devotion to St. Therese of Lisieux and
was very attached to his own mother. He expressed the very human desire to have his mother with him as he
breathed his last. Fra Venanzio led a splendid life which was unfortunately cut short. It is still a source of great
spiritual light.
The Cause for Beatification
The renown of Fra Venanzio’s holiness spread throughout the Order and one began to speak of canonization
from the very moment of his death. The ordinary process for beatification began in Bologna in 1957 and
concluded in 1967. The Positio super causae introductione was prepared in 1979, but because of changed
legislation in 1983 it was not discussed. Further documentary proof was gathered and the Positio super vita,
virtutibus et fama sanctitatis was examined on October 27, 2015. It was unanimously approved.
O Jesus, the angelic Fra Venanzio Maria wanted to offer himself as a “victim of love.” Glorify this your faithful
servant on earth whom we now believe is blessed in heaven. Grant us the grace we implore … and you, Mary,
for the sake of the maternal tenderness you showed to his little and humble soul, one who served you perfectly,
through your intercession hasten his glorification on earth and grant us the grace we need for eternal salvation.
Fra Franco M. Azzalli, O.S.M.
Postulator General

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