Commemoration of All Deceased Servants of Mary: Friars, Sisters, Benefactors, Relatives, and Friends

If we have died with Christ, we believe that we are also to live with him

osm-soulsDeath inflicts a wound upon the local community, the province and the whole Order. A presence ceases: Man’s days are like grass; he blossoms like the flowers of the field: a wind passes over them and they cease to be. His work and commitment to serve fall to another. His voice is no longer heard in common prayer. His witness is no longer there to see. His place at table remains empty and there is one less voice to be heard as we converse with one another. All of this is painful, to be sure, yet this absence which is felt by all does not interrupt our fraternity. It continues even though in a different way. In fact, it spreads and is strengthened within the Mystical Body of Christ. Our dialogue continues, our friendship endures, our love grows in anticipation of that day when our entire family will gather in our Father’s house and the threads that seemed to be broken will meet to form a garment nothing can tear or consume. Our deceased brothers and sisters, clothed in the purifying mercy of God and the prayers of the Church, become citizens of the eternal Jerusalem and share in the banquet of the kingdom. In each of them we have a special friend and intercessor who is concerned about us who are still pilgrims here on earth.

Lord God, you are the glory of your servants. Our deceased brothers and sisters, parents, relatives, friends, and benefactors shared the same baptism and were joined to the death of Christ on earth. May they now share in the glory of his resurrection in heaven. We ask this through our Lord Jesus

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