Feast of All Saints of Our Order

all-servite-saintsAs the Church celebrates the Feast of All Saints, so too does the Servite Family celebrate the memory of all the holy friars, sisters, nuns, and brothers and sisters of the Secular Order who have made the Order pleasing to the Lord and Our Lady in their own time and are a continuing inspiration for others throughout the centuries to serve the Lord and Our Lady faithfully.

“If we can keep before our eyes the word and example with which these fathers of ours spiritually begot us; if we can learn about how they lived and made themselves and the Order pleasing to the Lord, the we will find ourselves speaking and acting like they did and everyone will be able to see that they have left behind children who resemble them. It will be obvious that we have taken their example, doing everything in humility of heart; that wee to have chosen the path of truth, living according to the law and not wavering; and that we, like them, have willingly dedicated our lives to the Lord and made the Order and ourselves pleasing to God and Our Lady. By our constant prayers we will assure that the Order will continue after us too.” (Legenda de Origine of the Order of Servants of Mary)

Almighty God, graciously sustain in us the same spirit of service which you so generously gave to the holy men and women of the Order of Servants of Mary. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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